“ any kind of guy ”
you want, girl. you know i will agree.


I’VE BEEN SO BUSY WITH SCHOOL I FORGOT TO BE HERE. i’ll be here tomorrow to reply to everything!!

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file under:  i'm sorry rp partnerswhen school started all i could focus on was adjustingand i was so tired after classbut tomorrow is friday so i'll be here;A;but for now i'm going back to my personalbecause i have a math test tomorrow and i need to relax

yo yo

semi-hiatus. i haven’t been here because it was my first week back in school! i’ll be here later to reply. for now, i’m going back to my personal so i can photoshop, and relax!!

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file under:  text posti've been going to bed early and waking up early all weekand adjusting to my new scheduleso that's why i haven't been here!!!but i'll be here later tonight to replyyou can message me on my personalbecause i can't focus on aim and skype

White girl: do these uggs make my Starbucks look big?
Me: what?
White girl: *you're
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Camille Roberts in Big Time Bonus and Big Time Lies
Amount: 12
Size: 125 x 200
This post will be updated when I finish making gifs for Big Time Lies.
Please like/reblog if you save any.

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file under:  erin sanderscamille robertsbig time rusherin sanders gifsmy gifsafter i make a ton of camille gifs. i want to make kendall ones still for cassokalso my internet is fucking up so i might disappear




When friends won’t believe they’re cute and perfect


when friends insist that you’re cute and perfect


shhhhhhhh you’re cute and perfect deal with it


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file under:  text postof course i want to rp the ones i have nowim just saying not the current ones i ahve*haveit's morningi can't spell shh.

"It’s my kiss, my kiss saved her!”

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you claim tumblr has taught you a lot of things but i mean half of you still dont understand how to merely scroll past something you dont like instead of sending someone death threats so

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Good morning, beautiful.

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file under:  i am wide awakei have my coffeeand i'm playing boy band musicyeahthat's how i spend my sundaybut i'm here for awhilethis afternoon i'll be with my familythen tomorrow i start classesso i'm gonna go do those replies now before i forgettext post

»RP Meme | [3/10] face claims i haven’t used yet

→ Amanda Seyfried

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file under:  amanda seyfriedrp memefcsGOOD MORNINGi feel creative. i can do stuff! that is if my internet is good. it keeps going out every 10 minutesif i disappear that's why